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What is Evrylife?

Evrylife is a decentralized social media application.

Using the Evrylife application users will be able to create and manage a web 3 identity, build a reputation, attract a following, connect and communicate with one another, explore content posted by one another, buy and sell from from each other, and most importantly moderate and govern the application as a community.

Why do we need Evrylife?Evrylife use cases

Own and Control
Your Data

Evrylife’s underlying web 3 integrations and decentralized identity infrastructure make it so users have full control over their privacy and account data. Users content and social graph is interoperable across the metaverse.

Evrylife Account Features
Web 3 integrations for user control and ownership

Explore Web 3

The Evrylife Explorer can be used to search for things on web 3 such as NFTs, people, businesses, events, places, images, audio, videos, products, services, links, and channels.

Evrylife Explorer
Evrylife explorer desktop directory nightmode blueexample

Evrylife Utility Token

The Evrylife token allows the Evrylife app to function in a decentralized manner on web 3. Token utility includes account creation through staking, decentralized storage, user to user subscriptions, content moderation, app development, and app governance.

Evrylife Utility TokenToken icon
Admin dash menu example

Evrylife Build, Governance, and Moderation

Through a widespread airdrop, Evrylife token holders will take control of the Evrylife application at an early stage. Incentivized dev tasks and delegated staking will help to progress the application over time.

Furthermore, users of Evrylife will be able to participate in a proof of group opinion (POGO) consensus to determine if any content violates the community governed guidelines to moderate the application in a fair and unbiased way.

Evrylife Governance and Moderation

Evrylife Causes

Evrylife users can choose to donate a percentage of their subscription revenue, staking rewards, and mod rewards towards the Evrylife Causes treasury. Causes is a component of the Evrylife App that allows the Evrylife community to help get our global economy and planet into a healthier state and ideally remain in that state and thrive!

Evrylife Causes
Causes treasury

Utilizing the Best of Web 3

Here are a 'few' of the amazing web 3 integrations that make a web 3 social explorer such as Evrylife possible!

Ethereum icon web 3 integration
Security & decentralization
Polkadot integration web 3
L2s + Multi-chain
Scaling, adoption & multi-chain access
Ceramic web 3 integration
Web 3 interoperability, identity & ownership, storage, feeds
Alchemy web 3 dev platform
Lit Protocol
Decentralized cryptography for access control, compute, and encryption
IPFS web 3 storage integration
Decentralized File pinning
Textile web 3 integration
Interoperable and secure web 3 messaging
Crust network web 3 storage
Crust Network
Multi-chain interoperable decentralized storage
Alchemy web 3 dev platform
Blockchain nodes, app monitoring, multi-chain development

Evrylife Road Map

As a new web 3 project, we are going through the development and release cycle.

Ideation and creation of the concept, vision, and whitepaper.
Foundation website
Sharing the projects existence, docs, and vision publicly.
Register non profit foundation
Register non profit foundation to help support the idea for the creation, organization, release, and growth of the Evrylife application.
Solution matrix
Protocol and tech stack research, expert opinions for full app concept and modules. Development milestones (dev tasks).
Token smart contract
Activation of the token smart contract to distribute genesis supply into community treasuries.
Initial airdrop
Airdrop to enable decentralized governance to continue app development.
Delegates and staking rewards
Token holders encouraged to remain active in community decisions or delegate their voting power. Encouraged by future airdrop requirements.
Decentralized build of solution matrix
Staked token holders can apply to complete dev tasks in exchange for rewards. Governed by community improvement proposals.
Code audits and testing (test-net)
App and smart contract audits and bounties for testing code.
Modular release (beta)
Components of the Evrylife Dapp will become available as they are completed and graduate from testnet.
Evrylife application (main-net)
Evrylife will gradually become a fully featured decentralized social media application.
Evrylife app evolves
Community adjusts smart contract/ecosystem variables, and upgrades code and features.

Evrylife Docs and Resources

The Evrylife application is to be built and managed by a decentralized community. To help guide the community's development, the Evrylife Foundation has created a whitepaper, documentation, token contract, and general instructions. We hope that this social experiment will bring about positive change and turns into the type of platform that individuals deserve.